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Amor, Pertinacia Et Ignoscentia

Love, Determination and Forgiveness

Zenith: a highest point or state; culmination

Welcome to Zenith. It is our mission to help everyone expand and grow through higher learning. A gathering of friends teaching other friends what we have learned along the way through our lives and studies.

When you join the classes at Zenith, you enter a uniquely supportive learning environment. The student has constant contact with the tutor for questions or assignments.

All of our classes are recorded just in case you are not able to attend live. The schedules of the courses are determined by the individual tutor and typically will run consecutively.

Thank you for visiting our online school. We hope to see you in classes very soon !

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What Our Students Say About Us!

This was so amazing!

Healer 101 by Medium Brian Anderson, This was so amazing, and inspirational in every way, This course has helped me to know the true meaning about healing and how to become a healer, Brian is an amazing Teacher and he is very thorough and you can tell he loves teaching and helping others, he has amazing energy and he has so much Love and understanding, This course also helped me to realize I need to meditate so much more and to not have so much fear. I thank you so much Brian, I will be going into his Healers 102 in August and I can’t wait. It will be fantastic!! Also I would like to add that the relationships you build with your classmates and of course Brian is amazing, words can not describe and they are my family, There is so much Love. Thank you again. I just can’t Thank you enough <3 <3 >

Medium Jennifer Morales
Brian Anderson

Teach you everything you need to know.

Healer 101 by Medium Brian Anderson is a very good class that will teach you everything you need to know to become a spiritual Healer. Brian teaches this class from the heart and it shows in the way he takes care of all of his students. I will be taking his advanced healer class

Kevin Scott
Brian Anderson

Taught me a wealth of knowledge

Healer 101 by Medium Brian Anderson was an inspirational course that taught me a wealth of knowledge about healing and how to heal. Each week we were introduced to the different aspects of healing leading up to the moment to perform actual healing. The energy from the classmates and Medium Brian Anderson made the course interesting to the point you couldn’t wait for the next class. I knew zero about healing going in and came out with so much knowledge and understanding to last me a lifetime. A must class to have in your metaphysical toolbox.

Medium Leslie Davis
Brian Anderson

Beginner Meditation Workshop with Medium

Beginner Meditation Workshop with Medium Laura Evans. I already do Meditations every day but still wanted to take this course, I found this course to be fantastic and full of information on ways to open up to meditating in different ways.

Nicola Laing
Beginner Meditation
Medium Laura Evans

I took Medium Laura Evan’s

I took Medium Laura Evan’s Tarot course and really enjoyed it! I knew absolutely nothing about Tarot before taking this class. Laura takes you through every card in the deck, and explains them in detail. You will learn many types of spreads to use for different occasions. I went from never touching a deck, to doing readings by the time class had ended. Laura makes this a lot of fun! Highly recommended!

Judi Young
Tarot 101
Medium Laura Evans

The Tarot 101 Class taught

The Tarot 101 Class taught by Laura Evans was fantastic! She was able teach in a way that made the cards very approachable and not overwhelming or intimidating. She stresses the importance of the reader’s own abilities being the key to deciphering each card, which I think is so important. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that has ever had any interest in learning tarot, whether it be just for their own enjoyment, or for the purpose or providing readings for others.

Tarot 101
Medium Laura Evans
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