Angel Awakenings

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8-Week Class


brain anderson

Tutor: Brian Anderson | Medium Leslie Davis

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description:

Ever wondered who your angels truly are? This course is designed to accelerate your personal Angel Awakening.

As you connect to the pure Divine Energies of the Angels your vibrations will rise and take you to a whole new level of spiritual awakening, join us in Angel Awakenings

Course Outline:

  1. History of Angels
  2. Discovery of the Archangels
  3. Angels vs. Spirit Guides
  4. How to select an Angel
  5. Creation of your own Angel Prayer
  6. Positive Manifestation with the Angels
  7. Angel Signs
  8. Angel Numbers
  9. Perfecting the Pink Ray
  10. Angel Intuition
  11. Angel Colors and the Chakras
  12. Angel Colors and Archangels of the 7 Rays
  13. Archangel Prayers
  14. How to Perform Angel Card ReadingsYou also get (4) live Angel Activation Attunements, where we take you “up” through meditation to meet the Archangels and the Angels heart emoticon.


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