Get to Know the Drum (8-month workshop series)

  • Introduction to Drumming, Energy and the Chakras
  • The Rhythm of Base – Basics of rhythm and the base chakra
  • The Rhythm of Relationships – Basics of Rhythm and the Sacral Chakra
  • The Rhythm of You – Basics of Rhythm and the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • The Rhythm of Heart – Basics of rhythm and the Heart Chakra
  • The Rhythm of Voice – Basics of rhythm and the Throat Chakra
  • The Rhythm of Sight – Basics of rhythm and the Third Eye Chakra
  • The Rhythm of The Universe – Basics of Rhythm and the Crown Chakra


Eric used to be a professional drummer and found out that he can use drumming to help facilitate positive change by combining drumming with Reiki. He is a Certified Spiritual Medium, Rhythmic Healer, Intuitive Reader, and certified Reiki Master Practitioner. He is a graduate of the second class of the Psychic Mediumship Course led by Medium Laura Evans in 2013.

When Eric was in his band, he remembers coming off the stage with a feeling of euphoria that he could not quite explain. Later, as his path changed, he realized what that feeling was: energy. Not just his own, but that of the crowd, his bandmates, and most importantly, Spirit. He now taps into that energy to heal others, to receive messages from Spirit, and to manifest change for those that need it.