Get to Know the Drum!

Introduction to Drumming, Energy and the Chakras

1st workshop in the series

Class meets on Saturdays at 3pm EST

8 Class Workshop Series

get to know the drum


Tutor: Eric Olson

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description:

This course is the Introduction to a series of workshops designed to connect you with the power of the drum, its vibrations, and energy. The drum is the Heartbeat of the Universe and you can use that energy to connect with your ancestors, your guides, and create positive change. This first workshop will introduce you to the drum, how to play it, how many different kinds there are, and its history. You will also be given exercises to get more familiar with the drum and its voice. You will also have a brief introduction to the concept of Energy and the Chakras.

It is not necessary for you to have a drum, but you might want to get one after you attend this workshop!

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the Drum
  • History
  • Types of Drums
  • Playing Styles
  • Introduction to Energy and the Chakras
  • Exercises and Group Play
  • Questions

Workshop will continue as an 8-month Get to Know the Drum series. You can take one or take them all – best to take them all, sequentially for greatest continuity in the series.

You may pay for the series in full for a discount, in prearranged payments or per a workshop.

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Eric Olson