Healer 101

Perspectives of Psychic Healing

Live classes start on Feb 12, 2017


Class meets at 12pm  EST

8-Week Class


brain anderson

Tutor: Brian Anderson (Certified Healer)

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description:

Perspectives of Psychic Healing is a course written for a “Self Discovery” of your potential capability to perform Psychic Healing.

It will provide you a means to expand your existing knowledge of Psychic Healing, to include different methods of healing, and it may even point you to a specific modality for you to becoming a Healer. Good luck on your journey; it is God’s will that you succeed!

Course Outline:

  1. What is Love and why is this important
  2. Who should be a Healer and why
  3. Characteristics and Code of being a Healer
  4. Legalities of being a Healer
  5. Permission to Heal
  6. Healing History & Ancient practices of Healing
  7. How does a Healer heal / Healing modalities
  8. Understanding body mechanics and anatomy
  9. Meditation and Visualization
  10. Chakras
  11. Energy – what is it & how do you feel it
  12. Who is Source?
  13. Lightness vs. Darkness
  14. Laws of the Universe (attraction)
  15. Positive Affirmation and Intent
  16. Protection
  17. Attunements
  18. Spiritual Healing practice and concentration
  19. My Spiritual Healing Team
  20. Healing through the Hands
  21. Self Healing
  22. Healing the Human
  23. Healing the Animal
  24. Spiritual Healing “Dry Run” acclimation event
  25. Distant Energy Healing
  26. Concentrated Healing to List
  27. Advanced Healing concepts – Astral Travel
  28. What’s next?


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