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Tutor: Rebecca Stininger

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description: 

Hello and welcome to Lithomancy 101. Lithomancy is an ancient, and often, little known art of divination. Lithomancy sets are easily put together and can be made with absolutely any kind of stone or crystal.


In this class I will cover the history of Lithomancy, how to create your own set of Lithomancy Stones for doing an array or readings, go over the meaning of each stone in depth and give examples of how they can be interpreted, teach you how to do a six stone draw spread and how to do a full casting, How to create your own spread or casting, and finally we will put it all together by doing a sample reading and help you see some of the different ways the stones can be interpreted. I will also go over what patterns, triangles and lines created in the cast stones mean to your readings. Here is a summarized syllabus for what will be covered in this class.


Course Outline:

Week (1)

  • Introductions
  • Overview of Lithomancy is and is NOT.
  • Brief discussion about the types of stone or crystals that can be used to construct a set of Lithomancy Stones.
  • Q&A

Week (2)

  • Program the Stones of your Lithomancy set for the associations they will have.
  • Overview of the 6 “Personal Stones” and interpretations they can have.
  • Cover the first 5 Planetary Stones of the set.
  • Q&A

Week (3)

  • Cover the final 5 Planetary Stones of the Set.
  • Discuss methods of using your Stones in a reading.
  • Learn a 6 Stone draw reading for specific questions.
  • Q&A

Week (4)

  • Learn how to do a full casting of the Stones.
  • Learn about different alignments and placing of the Stones and how to interpret those in your readings.
  • Learn how to create your own draws or castings with the Stones.
  • Q&A

Week (5)

  • Briefly discuss some of the different Lithomancy sets that can be created.
  • Put all the information together and do a sample reading for the class.
  • Final Q&A
  • Final Exam


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