Psychic Medium Certification 102

Classes start on Jan 2018

Class meets on Sunday 2:00pm EST

1-Day Workshop | 3+ hours | Certified


laura evans pmd2

Tutor: Laura Evans

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description: 

This course is designed to launch you as a professional medium.

Course Outline: 

How to advertise and get the word out

What should you charge (email, phone, home apearances)

How to do a full-length reading (30 minutes or 1-hour)

How to do gallery readings (group)

Radio interviews and practice

Psychic vs. Medium (how to flip the switch)

Medium house clearings/readings (how to)

Creating your space for readings (using Skype)

Dealing with  blocked or difficult sitters

When should you give a refund


This workshop is 3 hours long; with practices and questions, it may run longer.

You will be expected to pass a quiz and create a website to pass this course.


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