Lithomancy 101


Psychic :: Runes :: Tarot ::

Palmistry :: Lithomancy :: Web Developer ::

Graphic Artist :: Pagan Kitchen Witch ::

Mother of 5 :: Grandmother to 2 ::

2 Fur babies & a reptilian :: Part time Karaoke Queen

Instructor at Zenith School of Metaphysics


DOB: January 18, 1977

Born in the middle of a blizzard, in Florida (Yes, there really WAS a blizzard in Florida.)

Astrological Sign: Capricorn


Lifetime psychic/intuitive by design.  I’ve been doing professional readings using Tarot, Palmistry, Lithomancy, and my natural abilities for the past ten years.


I discovered I had these abilities at age 11 when I figured out I had been dreaming things before they actually happened. It was a wild experience and also an epiphany moment in my life. At the age of 22, I found Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism. Through my studies and practices within that arena, I have honed my intuitive and magical muscles. The first form of divination I picked up were a set of Runes. A beautiful set of amethysts with gold markings. They seemed to come very easily to me and so I decided to broaden my horizons with Tarot Cards. After a few years of working with my Cards, I discovered Lithomancy, the reading of one’s stones. It seemed like the Stones opened up a whole new world to me. I started reading palms, auras, and anything else that has an energy vibration. Through the years of doing this work, I have come to consider myself more of an energy reader/worker than psychic. I suppose you could say I also have the qualities of a medium. I possess all the “Clairs”, but I don’t do what one might call “mediumship” readings. However, I do see, hear, smell, know, feel and sense things like a medium would when an energetic connection is opened between myself and another person or vibration.


The other passion in my life is graphic design and web development. I started building websites about 8 years ago when I was wanting to break away from the psychic line I was working for. I decided that building my own website would be a great way to do that. Although that website wasn’t exactly my ticket out of the psychic line business, I did pick up a new love in life. I spent endless hours learning the skills I have today. Now my specialties in this field include but are not limited to: Graphic Design; Logo Design; Business Branding; WordPress Development.