Halo Crawl Spirit Guide 411

Classes start on February 4th, 2017

Class meets on Saturdays at 1pm EST

5-Week Class | 1.5 hours | Certified


spirit guide 411

brain anderson

Tutor: Brian Anderson

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description:

Halo Crawl Spirit Guide 411 was designed for the Student to learn about and connect with Spirit Guides and Light Bodies – (Ascended / Universal Masters).  Brian will provide content about Spirit Guides, provide technique for you to connect with and communicate with your Spirit Guide team.

During the class Brian will Guide you through meditation to Attune you to the energies and meet with your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. 99% of Brian’s students have connected with at least one of their Spirit Guides and generally its many more during this class.

Also something unique about Brian and his classes are as follows:

  • Since the class is live streaming video of Brian Teaching, the propensity exists for you to actually “see” his spirit Guides behind him during class!
  • Many students have seen Spirit show up on camera during Brian’s live classes, however there are no guarantees. Thus have your screen capture ready to actually see and take pictures of spirit live in this class!

Course Outline:

  1. The journey to meet your Guides is to be taken Seriously!
  2. Halo Crawl – what is it?
  3. Fear vs. Spirit
  4. Energies and your Vibrations
  5. Vibrational Alignment meditation
  6. The “Believe” System
  7. Synchronicities and signs
  8. Anxiety feel and movement of it
  9. Your Life Path and exit points
  10. This thing called Time
  11. What or who are Spirit Guides
  12. Higher Self Attunement meditation
  13. Guides vs Angels
  14. What can Spirit Guides do?
  15. Communicating with Spirit Guides?
  16. Halo Crawl Guide Communication
  17. Know What Spirit Guides Can Help You With
  18. Spirit Guide Attunement meditation
  19. Spirit Guide Intuitive Writing
  20. Intuitive Writing pre-work meditation with Prana
  21. Ascended & Universal Masters
  22. Ascended Master Attunement meditation
  23. Intuitive Writing student review
  24. Test Review

You will receive an “e-certificate” upon completion of this course. Signed by Brian Anderson.

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